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and now, in Alabama and beyond...

Coastal Alabama
...or, retirement??

Smart Coast – founded in 2003 to cope with regional population growth already underway. Now an amalgam of programs fostering health and sustainable business, it is responsible for most of the Complete Streets policies adopted by cities in South Alabama. It is noted for replicable programs featuring Safe Routes to Schools; bicycle safety training; and combating obesity. It's Green Coast Council initiative is a leader in "green" business development in the region. Board Member (2009-present). President (2011-present.)

Baldwin County Trailblazers - founded in 1995 to promote, fund and build a network of hiking and biking trails in a county larger than the State of Delaware. The trails are intended to connect community to community, town to country, and people to people. Other goals: to educate about advantages and life use of non-motorized transportation and healthy lifestyles. Board Member (2008-present).

Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization - founded in 2012 under customary Federal encouragement when the population of the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, Alabama, reached more than 50,000, to deal with growth issues, notably transportation infrastructure. Vice-Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Committee (2012-present).


Statewide Alabama
...or, retirement??

Executive Council, AARP Alabama – a group of six volunteers providing input to accomplish goals in AARP state plans; identify and advance opportunities for the State Director and State President, with staff, favorably to influence outcomes in behalf of the 50+ age group and other affected citizens. Service entails the generating - or assessing the merit of - new policy and program ideas, and representing or speaking for AARP Alabama on public occasions or private meetings. Relying on experience as a member of the D.C. City Council, successfully initiated AARP participation in Complete Streets planning and performance in the city of Fairhope, Alabama, the first city in the State to adopt such policies. Council Member (2010-present).
The Alabama Trails Commission Act – creating a Commission and Advisory Board to oversee development, growth and maintenance of land and water trails in Alabama. Objective - to aid the State in becoming a national leader in recreational trails. Accomplished under the leadership of Fairhope City Council member Debbie Quinn, with Birmingham environmentalist Francesca Gross, management consultant Mark Rubino, and Recreational Programs Manager Rob Grant of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. Draftsman, lobbyist (2009-2010).


...or, retirement??

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation – an organization honoring the legacy and advancing the insights of Sir Arthur C. Clarke in science, literature and social concern. The Foundation maintains an active program of awards in education, as well as an series of annual awards for (1) Lifetime Achievement in fields where Sir Arthur was identified; (2) Current Innovation in those fields; and (3) Advancement of Imagination in Society. In April 2012 the Foundation entered into agreement with the University of California, San Diego, for the creation and management of The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination. The Center will explore why and how the hominid first imagined; how such discoveries can enhance education from Pre-K to graduate levels; and how they can advance the use of imagination at private, public and commercial organizations. Board Member (1983-present). Chairman (2002-2016).

National Policy Council, AARP – an elected 25-member, all volunteer policy analysis and advisory body to the AARP Board of Directors. The Council annually seeks input from the organization's nearly 40 million members over age 50, and AARP staff, on a range of public policy issues. It reviews such proposals, plus existing organization policy, to develop recommendations that are presented to the AARP Board of Directors for deliberation and decision-making. The board-approved policies will guide AARP's advocacy agenda for each coming year. Committee on Consumer Affairs and Livable Communities (2012-present). Council Member (2012-present).

The American Bar Association Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress – whose active program earned it a higher ranking this year from ABA management. Efforts currently: pressing for improved accessibility to all Law Library collections, free of charge, with effective electronic authentication of digital content, and preservation and continuity of the entire collection. Commencing also this year – moves toward creation of a Law Library of Congress caucus among interested Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Led now by M. Elizabeth Medaglia. Chair (2000-2010). Special Advisor (2010-present).
The Cosmos Club Foundation – which continues its challenging programs of intellectual outreach to the Washington D.C. area and beyond. The Foundation's John P. McGovern Award lectures have been delivered of late by Elaine Pagels (Arts and Humanities), and Anthony Fauci (Science). And in 2011, twenty-four graduate students from five Washington area universities competing in the Foundation's Cosmos Scholars program won grants in aid for their Master's or Doctoral research. Meanwhile, Cosmos Club Awards (funded by the Foundation) in recent years were presented to chemist Roald Hoffman, astronomer Vera Rubin, soprano Frederica von Stade, and biographer Robert Caro. Trustee (1983-1988, 1990-1997). Chairman (1985-1988). Advisor (1997-present).



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